Figure 6.7.1: 'Don't let others breathe cigar smoke' health warning

F. Don't let other breathe cigar smoke
Image: Don't let others breathe cigar smoke: Image of small child with breathing apparatus above text warning (See below).

Text from Figure 6.7.1:
Cigar smoke causes death and disease in children and non-smoking adults exposed to the smoke. There is no safe amount of second hand smoke. Breathing even a little smoke can be dangerous.
You can quit smoking. Call Quitline 137848, talk to your doctor or pharmacist, or visit Quit Now

Neither cigar nor cigarillo / little cigar smokers disputed the credibility of this message. All were highly cognisant of the potential impact that any type of tobacco smoke could have on those that inhale it. To some extent the message is quite powerful in that it reminds smokers of the potential impact their smoking could have on others, particularly those that are innocent.

The headline, image and copy all work well to communicate the intended message easily. The headline is straightforward and indisputable. The image provokes emotions in both those with or without children, as no one finds it comfortable to look at a child that is ill. The discomfort can be increased if the smoker is prompted to feel guilt as to being the potential cause of the child’s illness. The copy is factual, straight forward and indisputable.

However, this is simply not seen as relevant to premium cigar and cigarillo / little cigar smokers. As smoking of these products is perceived to be driven by specific activities, occasions or location, rather than the need to fulfil a craving, premium cigar and cigarillo / little cigar smokers feel they have capacity to choose not to smoke in front of children. Further, most identified that the activities, occasions and locations where they enjoy their cigars or cigarillos / little cigar are actually characterised by being child free. For example, as a means of relaxing at the end of the night after the children have been put to bed, or at a bar or club.

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