Mock up products were used to test the impact and understandability of graphic health warnings that may need to be split across different faces of the pack due to size of the pack including splitting the warning message from the graphic and the warning message from the explanatory text. Currently not all tobacco product packages are required to include the same elements.

The testing involved:

  • two alternatives for small rectangular shaped tobacco products (mock ups A and B);
  • two alternatives for square shaped tobacco products (mock ups F and G); and
  • three alternatives for round tobacco tins (mock ups C, D and E).

The warnings tested covered 75% of the front and back of packaging, other than Pack E (round tin) where the warning covered 55% of the front and back.

These materials were tested in the interviews with premium cigar smokers, group discussion with cigarillo / little cigar smokers and group discussions with roll your own tobacco smokers:

Premium cigar smokers were also asked to comment on the impact and understandability of warnings for premium cigar products, specifically:
  • single sale cigar package (image of tube); and
  • single sale cigar packaging (image of bag).

For tubes, the warning tested covered 95% of the length and 60% of the circumference of the tube. For bags, the warning tested covered 75% of the face of the package.

The research also tested reactions to a mock-up bidi pack with a graphic health warning covering 75% of the pack.

Images of the stimulus tested are shown in the relevant sections.

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