Graphic health warnings

1. The suite of warnings for both premium cigar smokers and cigarillo / little cigar smokers needs be highly factual and irrefutable in regards to content and execution.

2. In light of this, consideration should be given to using a slightly different suite of messages on packaging for premium single sale cigars and packs of cigarillos / little cigars.

3. The following messages could be used for packaging of both premium cigars and cigarillos / little cigars without any changes:
        • throat cancer;
        • mouth cancer; and
        • damage to teeth and gums.

4. Two further messages, after some refinement, may be effective for use with cigarillo / little cigar and infrequent premium cigar smokers who are more susceptible to health warnings than frequent and
connoisseur premium cigar smokers. These are:
        • ‘heart disease’; and
        • ‘not a safe alternative’ - with revised image and copy.

5. If these messages are used with single sale premium cigar packaging, they may not achieve the same impact with the frequent and connoisseur premium cigar smokers as the three main messages specified, due to low perceived relevance. The need to incorporate a range of messages needs to be balanced with the relevance and reach of those messages with and across the audiences. Those most easily affected will likely be the infrequent and casual premium cigar and cigarillo / little cigar smokers. Frequent and connoisseur audiences are harder to reach.

6. Before moving forward with the message ‘not a safe alternative’, consider making the following changes:
        • revise the copy, removing phrases such as ’the risk just gets higher if you inhale’ and ‘even if you don’t inhale’ and replace with a phrase similar to ‘if you inhale or not’;
        • revise the image to be more immediately relevant to a sense of toxicity and danger.

7. If necessary, the ‘lung cancer’ message could be considered for use on cigarillo / little cigar packaging with substantial revisions to both copy and image.

8. It would be best not to use the message ‘Don’t let others breathe your smoke’. While prompting an emotional response and considered credible, it was not considered relevant with these audiences as not all cigar smokers have children, or they claim not to smoke around their or other people’s children.

Small tobacco product packaging

9. For rectangular products, make use of a layout and format that consists of both the warning message and graphic on the front (pack B), and the warning message in red and explanatory message on the back (pack A).

10. For square products, make use of a similar style as suggested for rectangular products, with both the warning message and graphic on the front, and the warning message in red and explanatory message on the back (pack F).

11. For round packaging such as tins of RYO tobacco, make use of the layout and format of the warning in the rectangular shape, rather than being adjusted to suit the round tins (as in pack E). This should be consistent for both front and back of tins.

12. Consider use of text-only warning messages on tube packaging for single sale premium cigars. The tested layout and format of the warning is sufficient to communicate the intended message to premium cigar smokers.

13. Consider use of a graphic health warning with 75% coverage for use on resealable bags used for single sale cigars. It is important to ensure that the health warnings used on these bags are highly relevant and credible to premium cigar smokers to ensure impact.


14. Consider use of the text-only warning message in vertical format on bidis to maximise impact.

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