Tasmanian Health System Study: Walk-In Centres January 2013

Appendix A: Discussion Guide

Page last updated: 16 April 2013

Introduction: Welcome, explain it is a very open discussion, all opinions important, etc. We will be taping and people may be observing, but we do not reveal names or identify anyone (ENSURE THEY HAVE ALL SIGNED PERMISSION FORM).
Please make sure you are feeling comfortable, and if you have any problems as we go along just let me know.


    • Would you accept being treated for some medical problems by a nurse, or other health professional rather than a GP if it meant less waiting time?
    • [If the answer is ‘no’:] Would your view change if the health professional had access to support/advice from a GP?
    • What sort of things would you be happy to see a nurse about? E.g. diagnosis of simple illnesses, blood tests, cancer screening (e.g. Pap tests, prostate tests), issuing repeat prescriptions, lifestyle and dietary advice, children’s health, mental health issues etc.
    • Do you see a role for other health practitioners in taking some of the pressure off GPs, for example, going direct to a physiotherapist or a clinical psychologist, or a massage therapist, a community pharmacist (depending on the problem).
    • What sorts of things would you be happy to see another health professional about?
    • And what sort of things would you prefer to see a GP about?
    • Would you be prepared to pay extra to see a GP? How much extra?
    • Or would you pay extra to avoid having to wait to see a GP…how much extra?


A possible new initiative being considered to help take the pressure off the current system is the idea of a ‘Walk-In” centre – one in Hobart and one in Launceston.

These centres would provide an alternative location for those with minor injuries, minor illnesses who might otherwise see a GP or go to an Emergency Department at the hospital. They would provide services outside normal hours.
    • Do you see a need for this sort of service?
    • What do you think the main benefits would be?
    • What would be possible problem areas or negatives?
    • Do you have any personal concerns about the idea
    • Do you think you would use one if you needed to? Why/why not? What sorts of people/purposes would they be useful for?
    • Would you use one instead of going to an Emergency Department? For what sort of things? When would you feel it was necessary to go straight to the Emergency Department?
    • Would you use one instead of going to a GP? For what sort of things?
    • Do you think they will have an impact on waiting times for either General Practice or Emergency Departments.
    • Do you think they will have other impacts on Emergency Departments
    • Do you think they will have an impact your relationship to your GP?
    • What are all the sorts of services you would like to see available in the Walk In centre?
    • [no prompts please]Would you prefer to be treated by a doctor or a nurse? And why?
    • Would you be happy to be triaged and treated by a nurse only
    • How far would you be willing to travel to a walk-in centre? (in kms or minutes/hours)
    HOBART ONLY Would you be willing to travel over to the other side of the river to access a Walk-In centre if you needed to?
    • Would you be willing to pay for treatment in order to save you going to a GP or Emergency Department?
    • Where would you prefer the centre be located in Hobart/Launceston OPTIONS – Public hospital, private hospital, integrated care centre, other community setting.


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