Risk factors for eye disease and injury: literature review

Appendix 6 References excluded

Page last updated: December 2008

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      During this review, we excluded approximately 2000 studies. Many of these studies were excluded on the basis of the title and abstract, but in some cases we had to read the original paper to determine whether the study should be included in the final report. These late exclusions were removed for a range of reasons; some were irrelevant to the topic, some lacked the quality to provide reliable evidence, and some were overshadowed by studies that were better quality, more recent, or more applicable to the Australian population.

      For reasons of space we have chosen not to print the list of the 781 late exclusions. However, the list can be viewed in the Endnote database provided on CD, by searching for ‘Excluded late’ in the Keywords field. The full papers can be found on the CD in PDF format, or (where only hardcopy was available), in the binders provided.

      References that were excluded before obtaining the final papers can be found by searching for ‘Excluded early’ in the Endnote database. However, we cannot provide the original papers for these studies, and the papers are unlikely to be useful.