Risk factors for eye disease and injury: literature review

1.2 Organisation of this review

Page last updated: December 2008

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      The review contains six chapters:

        • Chapter 1 introduces the scope of the review and its structure
        • Chapter 2 provides background information on the main eye health problems in the Australian population
        • Chapter 3 summarises the methods used
        • Chapter 4 provides a tabulated summary of the literature review findings on risk factors for eye disease and injury
        • Chapter 5 provides a text description of the overall results for each of the major risk factors
        • Chapter 6 discusses areas that require further research.

      Seven appendixes provide details of the review team, the search strategy, the search strings used and the number of papers retrieved, the results for each combination of conditions and risk factors, the quality of the systematic reviews, and references excluded from and included in the systematic review.