Risk factors for eye disease and injury: literature review

3.5 Collating and checking results

Page last updated: December 2008

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      To collate the results, the summary statements from the results tables in Appendix 3 were entered into the tables shown in Chapter 4 (Tables 4.1–4.5). These tables list, for each of the topics for which clinical questions were formulated and for which relevant studies were identified:

      • the statement summarising the findings for that particular question (taken from the appropriate results table in Appendix 4)
      • the group to which the findings were assigned (as explained above in Section 3.4)
      • the number of the relevant results table in Appendix 4.

      To ensure that all major relevant studies were identified and the findings were valid, two relevant experts (Dr Ian Morgan and Dr Kathryn Rose — see Appendix 1) were asked to check the final results tables and summary information. The experts provided advice only; Biotext takes full responsibility for the findings of this report.