Individuals were asked several questions in regards to Medication Use [Table 7]. Of note 92.8% claimed to always take “all of their medicines as prescribed by their doctor” [therefore 7.2% admitted to NOT do so], and whilst 27.8% admitted to the use of Complimentary Medicines [“herbal/homeopathic/essential oil/vitamin or mineral supplement OR dietary supplement”], over 80% [82.5%] of these stated that they HAD informed their Doctor of this fact.

Table 7 Medication use

2005 n = 1405

CategoryN%% (Exc
Take Medicines123187.6%87.9%1401
CMI# Leaflets Given68048.4%50.4%1349
Complementary Rx Used32623.2%23.6%1381
Complementary Rx Told Dr *24074.1%73.6%326
Table 7 Medication use continued...

2010 n = 2131

CategoryN%% (Exc
Take Medicines187892.8%89.9%2090
CMI# Leaflets Given116154.5%57.2%2031
Complementary Rx Used59227.8%28.7%2060
Complementary Rx Told Dr *48482.5%81.8%592

#CMI=Consumer Medicines Information *only patients on complementary Rx