ANDIAB2 2010: Quality Assurance of Patient Practices and Diabetes Centre Care

Questionnaire Results

Page last updated: 16 May 2012

Two Questionnaires were distributed as in ANDIAB 2009 [See Appendices > Post Data Collection Questionnaire, Individual Site Report Questionnaire]:

  • Questionnaire 1 relates to the data collection process,
  • [This was sent to each Site after their data had been received];
  • Questionnaire 2 relates to comments on the Individual Site Reports,
  • [This was sent to each Site with their Report – however insufficient responses have been received at the time of preparation of this report to be included].

Table 16 details the results of assessment of the Questionnaire 1 Lickert Scale responses from participants to the specific questions related to the data collection project. This is a 1 to 5 scale {1[Poor]-5[Good]} 3=Midpoint, and data are presented as Mean (SD).

Clearly ‘Time to complete the Form’ and ‘Ease of completion’ are concerns for most (rating 2.1 and 3.1 respectively), but pleasingly all other aspects of the Project were rated relatively highly (3.4 – 4.1) amongst the 19 responses received.

In addition, the free text responses to questions and to other items will all be reviewed individually, and utilised to refine the data collection = instrument and reporting process, and will thus assist in running future data collections and providing appropriate feedback to participants.

Table 16 Questionnaire 1 Responses, Questionnaire 1 [Re Data Collection Process] - Lickert Scale {1[Poor]-5[Good]} 3=Midpoint

[ n = 19 ]
Mean (SD)
Information Package/Letters
3.6 + 1.1
Data Definitions Form
3.7 + 1.1
Format (layout of data items)
3.4 + 1.1
Ease of completion
3.1 + 0.9
Time to complete the Form
2.2 + 1.1
Diabetes Distress Scale Calculator
4.1 + 1.3