Funding Arrangements

The Department of Health and Ageing administers funding for the operating costs of the APMAIF.

In 2010-11 the Chair and Panel members, except for the industry representative, were remunerated in accordance with Departmental policy and the applicable Remuneration Tribunal determinations. All remuneration and expenses for the industry representative were met by the INC.

In 1998 a cost-sharing agreement was reached between the infant formula companies and the Treasury, who provided the APMAIF Secretariat services at that time. Under this agreement, the industry funded 70% of the APMAIF Secretariat expenses, which included the salary of one Secretariat staff officer, printing, room hire and catering. The Treasury funded the remaining 30% of Secretariat expenses, along with 100% of remuneration and travel costs for members.

This cost-sharing arrangement was informally continued when the APMAIF Secretariat was transferred to the Department of Health and Ageing in 2001. Financial contributions and expenditure for the running costs of the APMAIF were administered through the Department’s Services for Other Government and Non-Government Bodies Special Account.

In 2007 the cost-sharing arrangement with industry was discontinued pending a review of APMAIF funding mechanisms, and no further contribution has been requested from the industry since that time.

In 2010-11, the majority of administrative and committee costs were covered by residual equity held against the Special Account, while the Department continued to provide staffing for the Secretariat.

Financial Report 2010-11

Funding Source Expenditure
Special Account Equity 36,753 APMAIF Committee 33,723
Department 117,000 APMAIF Secretariat 120,030
Total Funding 153,753 Total Expenditure 153,753