Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy 2010-2015

5.7 Implementation plan

Page last updated: 15 July 2010

The Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy provides a high level policy context for improving the health and nutrition of infants and young children. A detailed implementation plan with defined roles and responsibilities for governments is required to achieve the outcome. The implementation plan will ensure an integrated and complementary approach with other government funded health promotion programs for mothers and babies.

The information obtained in the mapping exercise conducted to inform the development of the Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy will provide an opportunity for all jurisdictions to learn, and aid in the preparation of the implementation plan. Examples of existing local programs which could be considered for evaluation and suitability to adapt for possible wider distribution might include social marketing campaigns and programs for culturally and linguistically diverse audiences, refugee families and young mothers.

The Australian Health Ministers’ Conference will delegate authority to the Australian Population Health Development Principal Committee, as the appropriate Principal Committee of the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council, to develop the implementation plan in consultation with key stakeholders. The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing will take on a coordinating role and, where necessary, will take the lead on progressing particular issues.

Importantly, the implementation plan will devise a way forward for the complex issues identified in the Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy, including milk banks, growth charts and the WHO Code. All this will be done in the context of broader health reform, including the development and implementation of the Maternity Services Plan, and consideration of the recommendations of the Hospital and Health Reform Commission Report, the National Preventative Health Strategy and the draft National Primary Care Strategy.