Evaluation of the National External Breast Prostheses Reimbursement Program

2.4 Results and limitations

Page last updated: 05 November 2010

Overall, the vast majority of people consulted considered the program to be operating well, and to be meeting the needs of women who require a breast prosthesis following a mastectomy for breast cancer.

The administration of the program appears to be operationally sound, and relationships between Medicare Australia and the Department of Health and Ageing appear to be productive and to facilitate the resolution of any policy or operational questions which have arisen during the year. The administration of the program will be discussed further in chapter 3.

All interview participants considered that the program provided essential support to address a significant need for women who have had a mastectomy. The majority of women who participated in the consultation were satisfied with the program and with their interaction with the program through Medicare Australia. The impact of the program on women and their perceptions of the program are discussed further in chapter 4.

At the same time, several key themes emerged in consultation with the broad range of stakeholders – clinical, organisational, or individual.