Review of Cardiovascular Disease Programs

10.1 Principles

Principles - Framework for recommendations - Review of Cardiovascular Disease Programs

Page last updated: 03 May 2012

Foundation elements were identified as the highest priority. They are followed by logical groupings of additional recommendations listed in priority order. For example Group 1 is the highest priority in the additional recommendations, followed by Group 2 and so on. Recommendations have been developed using the framework described below. The prioritised order of groups of recommendations indicates the order in which stakeholders might consider commencing implementation of strategies.

It should be noted that some Foundation recommendations may have an immediate commencement but a long lead time to full implementation, due to the complexities associated with their implementation. Investments would need to reflect this, with staged investment planned for some recommendations.

The principles that have guided the priority recommendations are as follows:

  • Strategies should support equity, access and social inclusion principles.
  • Strategies should allow for disease specific variations.
  • Recommendations should not exclude “good ideas or improvements” solely on the basis of incomplete evidence. There is also a weighting which should be placed upon consumer feedback and experience.
  • Strategies which develop capacity within the system and improve service quality and outcomes should be implemented before strategies which increase demand.
  • There should be a high priority placed upon early identification of CVD, early intervention and prevention
  • Accountability should be appropriately allocated across levels of government and the service system.
  • Recommendations should offer value for money.

The following steps make up the framework used to develop recommendations for consideration:
  • Mapping the CVD journey
  • Overlaying sample journeys for stroke and cardiac failure
  • Identifying accountability for recommendations
  • Reviewing the evidence base
  • Considering value for money
  • Linking with key themes identified in consultations