Review of Cardiovascular Disease Programs

10.8 Linking with key themes

Linking with key themes - Framework for recommendations - Review of Cardiovascular Disease Programs

Page last updated: 03 May 2012

Recommendations link to the key themes identified throughout the project;

  • the current inequities in health status and access to timely and appropriate care for disadvantaged Australians, particularly Indigenous Australians;
  • the role that prevention strategies have in reducing the overall and individual burden of disease;
  • the value of supporting general practice and primary health care in CVD risk assessment, early detection and ongoing management of CVD;
  • the importance of improving care processes at presentation to and throughout acute and immediate post-acute episodes of care;
  • the need to improve uptake and support of clinical guidelines across all settings and at all stages of CVD;
  • the importance of key performance indicators within an accountability framework against specific performance measures to monitor and improve acute, sub-acute and primary care performance for CVD;
  • the importance of regularly monitoring and evaluating the impact of national strategies at a population level;
  • the requirement for adequate information systems, research and data to support clinical care and outcomes measurement; and
  • a desire for identified national leadership for CVD moving forward, through the development of a National Action Plan for CVD or similar.