Guidelines for the public health management of gastroenteritis outbreaks due to norovirus or suspected viral agents in Australia

Appendix 5.5: Self audit / Site visit check list for aged-care facilities

Page last updated: 2010

PDF printable version of Self audit / Site visit check list for aged-care facilities (PDF 62 KB)


Public Health Officer:

1. Contact details:

Person notifying outbreak:


Telephone number:

Name of Facility:


Facility Manager / Director:

Telephone number:

Fax number:

Email address:

2. Laboratory testing

  • Are specimens of diarrhoea/vomitus being collected from affected residents / staff? Yes No

3. Isolation / cohorting

  • Is a plan of the facility showing location of ill residents obtainable? Yes No
  • Have the identified cases been cohorted (grouped) as recommended? Yes No
  • In what way have residents been cohorted?
  • Have nursing staff been dedicated to the cohorted ill residents? Yes No
  • If cohorting is not possible, have dedicated nurses been allocated to only work with ill residents? Yes No
  • Are residents being ‘isolated’ until 72 hours after symptoms have ceased? Yes No
  • Have residents been advised not to visit the affected ward / area? Yes No
  • Is management aware of the need to restrict admissions? Yes No

4. Staff training

  • Have all staff been notified of the outbreak? Yes No
  • Have all staff been reminded of the importance of effective handwashing? Yes No
  • Do staff regularly attend in-service training on infection control? Yes No
If yes, how often is this training provided?
  • Is this training compulsory? Yes No
  • Are infection control training programs part of the orientation program for new employees? Yes No
  • Are staff encouraged to accept responsibility for decreasing the transmission of infectious organisms? Yes No
  • What strategies are in place to check that staff are compliant with infection control recommendations?
  • Do staff on all shifts know to advise Hospital staff of the outbreak prior to transferring a resident to hospital ED or an outpatient appointment (even if the illness is unrelated to the outbreak)? Yes No
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5. Exclusion of affected staff

  • Is the staff exclusion period of 48 hours being strictly adhered to? Yes No

6. Hand washing:

Are the following available:
  • Facilities for handwashing in all areas? Yes No
  • If not, what measures have been taken to address this?
  • Liquid soap dispensers? Yes No
  • Are soap dispensers disposable and not refillable? Yes No
  • If refillable, is there a cleaning procedure? Yes No
  • Paper towel / air drier? Yes No
  • Plastic-lined waste bin with lid in all areas where affected residents are nursed? Yes No
  • Is hand disinfection (e.g. 60–80% alcohol solution handrub) available? Yes No
  • Are the taps elbow-operated? Yes No
  • Are the residents’ hands being washed after each episode of diarrhoea and vomiting? Yes No
7. Protective apparel:
  • Are gloves readily available to all staff? Yes No
  • Are gloves being worn when there is a risk of exposure to staff of contact with blood/body fluids? Yes No
  • Are plastic aprons / gowns available to protect the staff member’s clothing during exposures? Yes No
  • Are plastic aprons / gowns being worn to protect the staff member’s clothing during exposures? Yes No
  • Are masks available when there is a risk to the staff member of airborne exposure to body substances such as after vomiting? Yes No
  • Are masks being worn when there is a risk to the staff member of airborne exposure to body substances such as after vomiting?Yes No
  • Are the aprons, gloves and masks being changed between residents? Yes No
  • Are the bins for the disposal of aprons, gloves and masks near to the residents’ rooms? Yes No
  • Are staff washing their hands after removing protective apparel? Yes No

8. Closure of common areas

  • Have the use of common areas been appropriately restricted? Yes No
  • Are common areas being closed for 1 hour after episodes of vomiting? Yes No

9. Relatives / visitors

  • Have visitors been advised of the outbreak, and of the visiting restrictions? Yes No
  • Have visitors been advised not to visit if they are unwell? Yes No
  • Have non-essential therapists been advised not to visit? Yes No
  • Is relevant signage posted in all areas? Yes No
  • Have essential visitors been advised to wash their hands when entering and when leaving the ward / unit and after contact with each resident?Yes No
  • Are visitors given advice regarding the safe preparation and transportation of food they might bring in to the facility?Yes No
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10. Routine cleaning

  • Are rooms of well residents cleaned first? Yes No
  • Are bathrooms / toilets cleaned twice daily and when visible soiling occurs? Yes No
  • Are handrails in corridors and common areas and door handles in residents room cleaned and then disinfected twice daily with the recommended bleach solution?Yes No
  • Are commode / shower chairs cleaned after individual resident use? Yes No
  • Is a general clean followed by disinfection with the recommended bleach solution, being carried out for all hard surfaces?Yes No
  • Is the bleach solution being discarded within 24 hours of constitution? Yes No

11. Care of cleaning materials

  • Is all cleaning equipment colour coded, common areas (blue), toilets / bathrooms/ dirty utility rooms (red), food service areas (green)? Yes No
  • Are disposable gloves worn during cleaning? Yes No
  • Are mops heads detachable and washed and left to air dry after use? Yes No
  • Are buckets washed and dried after use? Yes No
  • Is equipment stored in cleaning cupboard / room? Yes No
  • Are all remaining diluted cleaning products disposed of after use? Yes No

12. Cleaning up vomit and faeces

  • Is there a policy / procedure for cleaning spills? Yes No
  • Are staff aware of the policy / procedure for cleaning spills? Yes No
  • Is bleach being used after spills / vomit / diarrhoea have been cleaned up? Yes No
  • Are utility rubber gloves used for cleaning? Yes No
  • Are spare mop heads available? Yes No
  • Are plastic bags available for contaminated waste? Yes No
  • Are disposable cloths / old rags / paper towel available to wipe up bulk spills? Yes No

13. Linen

  • Is used linen bagged at the point of generation? Yes No
  • Is wet / visibly soiled linen placed in plastic lined linen bags? Yes No
  • Is the plastic bag dissolvable? Yes No
  • Are linen bags being overfilled? Yes No
  • Is linen / clothing being rinsed or sorted in resident care areas? Yes No
  • Is soiled linen removed from resident care areas promptly? Yes No
  • Is all soiled linen / clothing being put through hot wash / hot dry cycles? Yes No