An evaluation of the Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Demonstration

1.4 Reading this report

Page last updated: August 2008

This report presents findings from both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

For the qualitative sections of the report the evidence is drawn from a body of qualitative discussions (stakeholder consultations and site visits to host organisations). The findings presented are reinforced using quotes taken from transcripts of the discussions. All quotes are indented and presented in italics. No individual organisations or managers have been identified, only the position of the respondent who provided the quote (e.g. stakeholder, manager or trained first responder). When brackets [ ] appear in a quote, this is to represent either an omitted name or where the quotation has been rephrased for brevity.

The findings from the quantitative CATI survey with managers and trained staff are supported by a series of graphs. When reading these graphs:

  • The relevant survey questions are indicated underneath the graph header.
  • Each column is a percentage of the base.
  • The base for the graphs refers to the total number of responses upon which the percentages have been calculated. This is indicated under the left hand corner of the graph.