An evaluation of the Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Demonstration

Qualitative consultations with managers

Page last updated: August 2008


Introduction about the nature of the interview. Confidentiality, privacy, recording, non-identifiable.
  • My name is <INSERT NAME> from Campbell Research & Consulting.
  • Conducting an evaluation of the Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) Demonstration Project for the Department of Health and Ageing.
  • CR&C is based in Melbourne and we specialise in issues and evaluation research for government and business.
  • The opinions you provide today will be used only for research purposes, and only for this project.
  • Our report will present the overall findings, aggregated findings from the research. Comments by individuals will not be identified.
For telephone consultation only
  • Would appreciate a small amount of your time to discuss your views on the demonstration project to date.
  • Is this something we could do now or would you like me to call back at a more convenient time?

Background & drivers for participation in PAD demo project

I would like to start by asking you to tell me a little bit about your organisation and your role at the organisation:
  • Nature of the organisation.
  • Your role at organisation and length of time in that role.
Involvement in PAD Demonstration Project:
  • How long has your organisation been involved in the PAD Demonstration project? (how many AEDs etc).
  • Has the organisation received funding through other PAD projects (e.g. Insurer Australia Group) or has the organisation funded its own AEDs ?
  • At what level have you been personally involved in the PAD Demonstration project?
  • How did your organisation first get involved with the PAD Demonstration Project (organisation sought out St Johns, or St Johns approached organisation).
  • What influenced your organisation’s decision to participate?
  • Had your organisation considered purchasing/ installing an AED prior to your involvement with the PAD Project? What was driving that decision? Top of page

Effectiveness (set up, training, sustainability, commitment)

Now I would like to explore some specific aspects of your experience with the PAD and your views on the effectiveness of the program:
Staff Training and Staff Time:
  • Your organisation's experience with training in the use of the AEDs:
    • Process of allocating staff time for training.
    • Difficult to maintain trained staff? (i.e. is staff turnover an issue?).
    • Staff responses to training (reluctant? enthusiastic?).
    • Costs/ expenses/ losses associated with staff attending training or with maintaining a certain number of trained staff.
  • Do you think that your organisation has been presented with quality training to maximise the outcomes of having an AED on site?
Untrained staff/ Lay persons:
  • Are other staff members (who have not received training) aware of the AED? How did they become aware?
  • Do you think they would be confident in using the AED in the event of an emergency?
  • What about general public awareness of the AED on site here? What signage has been put in place? (especially relevant for busy sites such as airports & train stations).
Organisation Commitment to PAD:
  • Is your organisation committed to the ongoing installation of AED(s) on site?
  • Are the current arrangements for maintenance, staff training, etc of the AED sustainable for your organisation?
  • If the PAD Demonstration Project funding was not available, would your organisation consider funding the costs of installing AEDs itself?
    • Explore why/ why not.
    • Explore drivers and influences. Top of page

Outcomes & value

  • Have there been any activations of the AED here? DoHA funded AED or other? (Discuss any activations – outcome for patient; process followed; experience of rescuer, de-brief processes etc).
  • Do you think that the PAD Demonstration Project has helped to improve patient outcomes for those who experience SCA? (is it helping save lives).
Benefits for your organisation:
  • What are the benefits for your organisations being involved in the PAD Demonstration Project?


Now I would like to ask you about your views on the efficiency of the PAD Demonstration Project:
  • Do you believe that the current mode of delivery of the PAD Demonstration Project is the most efficient?
    Relationships and support from St John.
  • Are you aware of other models that may be more relevant for the delivery of PAD in Australia:
    • Other governance and funding models?
    • Other delivery models?


Now I would like to ask you more specifically about your views on the appropriateness of the PAD trial:
  • Do you believe that your organisation is actually an appropriate site for an AED? Why/why not?
  • Is government funding the most appropriate delivery model for Public Access Defibrillation?
  • Do you believe that the private market could sustain the project if government funding was unavailable? Top of page

Issues that arose during trial

Can you identify any specific issues that arose during the trial of PAD in Australia?
  • Specific issues for your organisation
  • Issues that may impact on the future expansion of PADs?
  • Other issues?

Lessons that may be relevant

What are the lessons that can be learned from the current PAD Demonstration Project?
  • In relation to current delivery?
  • In relation to training of staff?
  • In relation to potential expansion of the project?

Other issues

Is there anything else that you would like to add?


Thank you for taking the time to discuss your views and opinions on the PAD Demonstration Project with me.
Your input has been very valuable to this evaluation.