A glossary of the acronyms and terminology used in this report is provided below.

1: Acronyms and abbreviations
2: Terminology

1: Acronyms and abbreviations used in this report

AED - Automated External Defibrillations
CATI - Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews
CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
CR&C - Campbell Research & Consulting
Department - The Department of Health and Ageing
EMS - Emergency Medical Services
PAD - Public Access Defibrillation
SCA - Sudden Cardiac Arrest
St John - St John Ambulance Australia
UK - United Kingdom
US - United States of America

2: Terminology used in this report

Emergency medical service early defibrillation
Defibrillation by trained ambulance or other trained emergence services personnel

First responders
Appropriately trained persons who have a duty to respond to medical emergencies.

First responder early defibrillation
Defibrillation by appropriately trained persons who have a duty to respond to medical emergencies.

Host organisations
Organisations who have received an AED under the PAD Demonstration.

Key stakeholders
Higher level key stakeholders refers to representatives from a range of professions, peak bodies and consumer organisations in the area of cardiac arrest and emergency responses from around Australia who were interviewed by CR&C for this project.

Lay persons
Staff or general public in the vicinity of the AED who had not received specific training in the use of the AED.

Public access early defibrillation
Defibrillation undertaken by any bystander, trained or untrained.

Trained staff
Staff employed at host organisations participating in the PAD Demonstration, who received training from St John in the use of the AED.