Delirium Care Pathways


Page last updated: 07 November 2011

Delirium Care Pathwayswas developed to assist in the coordination of care and to improve how older people are managed during a delirium episode to improve care and minimise adverse outcomes. This document builds upon the Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Delirium in Older People to provide a blueprint that guides clinicians in the provision of care in a range of health and aged care settings (including community care).

The three examples provided in Delirium Care Pathways demonstrate different patient journeys in acute care, community care and residential care. These journeys highlight the management of delirium in different settings and include page references to more information on assessment and management.

Delirium is an important clinical condition which is often left undiagnosed or mismanaged. Delirium Care Pathways will assist clinicians and care givers to manage delirium across a range of care settings.


This resource has been developed by Associate Professor Victoria Traynor and Nicole Britten, University of Wollongong, under the management of the New South Wales Department of Health, on behalf of the Health Care of Older Australians Standing Committee.