Don't fall for it

Your home and garden

Page last updated: 06 May 2011

Did you know that 60% of falls happen in and around the home?

Some of the problem lies with us, and some with our houses and gardens.

As we get older our abilities change, increasing the chances of us slipping and tripping.

And our homes age too, through general ‘wear and tear’ or lack of maintenance, making them less safe. Often we don’t notice this because we have lived there for many years without any problems.

It is important to check your surroundings and take steps to make them safer.

Safe and unsafe ways to do things.

Apart from hazards in the surroundings, some of the dangers can result from the way you choose to do things.

For example, climbing onto a kitchen chair to reach into a high cupboard puts you in danger. Instead, you could:
  • Ask someone else to reach up for you, or
  • Keep the item in a place that is easier to reach.
Another example is not turning the light on so you can see clearly where you are going and what you are doing.

These things may have been fine when you were younger, but are no longer safe.

You can also increase the risk of falls by wearing clothes or dressing gowns that are too long and loose and can catch on things.

Think about different and safer ways of doing things. Use your head to save yourself a possible injury!