Guidelines for the use of ultrasound in the management of obstetric conditions - September 2007

Fetal Growth Ultrasound Indicators-Item 55718

Page last updated: September 2007

Category 5 - Diagnostic Imaging Services

PELVIS OR ABDOMEN, pregnancy related or pregnancy complication, fetal development and anatomy, ultrasound scan (not exceeding 1 service in any 1 pregnancy) of, by any or all approaches, where:
  1. the patient is referred by a medical practitioner; and
  2. the dating of the pregnancy (as confirmed by ultrasound) is after 22 weeks of gestation; and
  3. the service is not associated with a service to which an item in Subgroup 2 or 3 of this group applies; and
  4. the referring practitioner is not a member of a group of practitioners of which the providing practitioner is a member; and
  5. the service is not performed in the same pregnancy as item 55723; and
  6. one or more of the following conditions are present:
    1. known or suspected fetal abnormality or fetal cardiac arrhythmia;
    2. fetal anatomy (late booking or incomplete mid-trimester scan);
    3. malpresentation;
    4. cervical assessment;
    5. clinical suspicion of amniotic fluid abnormality;
    6. clinical suspicion of placental or umbilical cord abnormality;
    7. previous complicated delivery;
    8. uterine scar assessment;
    9. uterine fibroid;
    10. previous fetal death in utero or neonatal death;
    11. antepartum haemorrhage;
    12. clinical suspicion of intrauterine growth retardation;
    13. clinical suspicion of macrosomia;
    14. reduced fetal movements;
    15. suspected fetal death;
    16. abnormal cardiotocography;
    17. prolonged pregnancy;
    18. premature labour;
    19. fetal infection;
    20. pregnancy after assisted reproduction;
    21. trauma;
    22. diabetes mellitus;
    23. hypertension;
    24. toxaemia of pregnancy;
    25. liver or renal disease;
    26. autoimmune disease;
    27. cardiac disease;
    28. alloimmunisation;
    29. maternal infection;
    30. inflammatory bowel disease;
    31. bowel stoma;
    32. abdominal wall scarring;
    33. previous spinal or pelvic trauma or disease;
    34. drug dependency;
    35. thrombophilia;
    36. significant maternal obesity;
    37. advanced maternal age;
    38. abdominal pain or mass (R)

Fee: $100.00 Benefit: 75% = $75.00 85% = $85.00