Indications for referral

Although there are many potential clinical indications for an ultrasound scan at 12 to 16 weeks gestation, scans are rarely required at this time. (Refer to Appendix 7 – Indications for Ultrasound 12-16 Weeks Gestation.)

The ultrasound examination at 12-16 weeks aims to assess:
  1. Gestational age;
  2. Number of fetuses;
  3. Presence of fetal cardiac activity;
  4. Cervical length;
  5. Pelvic masses and uterine malformations; and
  6. Fetal anatomy assessment.

The Ultrasound Examination

All features should be documented as per the scan <12 weeks and the 12 week nuchal translucency assessment. Fetal biometry and anatomy appropriate to the gestational age should be assessed.