Review of the week, homework exercise, set agenda

Start with an informal discussion about general activities, and also determine whether there are any important issues that have arisen, or any additional questions.

Review the homework activity with the client, and discuss the additional triggers for using that the client may have identified throughout the week. If the client has not completed the homework task, review the triggers identified in Session 1 together now.

Review the client's speed use for the week. Did the client meet the planned goals for tapering? Reinforce positive changes and address minor problems.

Review the client's urge diary. Are there any patterns that emerge? Are there any internal triggers for using that have emerged? Use any information gained from the week to reinforce motivation and commitment to change.

Be aware that ambivalence about changing speed use may still be present and, if encountered, use strategies from Session 1 as appropriate (e.g. reflective listening, open-ended questions, affirming, summarising, managing resistance etc.). If the client has not yet moved to the action stage of change, continue to enhance their motivation to change using the techniques and issues covered in previous sessions. Modify the session 2 agenda as appropriate.

Set the agenda for the session by explaining the issues that will be covered.