Module 1: planning for learning at work: learner's workbook

Developing your learning plan

Page last updated: 2004

Before developing your learning plan you will need to have a clear idea of what your learning needs are. A learning need is the gap between what you know and can do to what you want to know and do. Once you have clarified your learning needs you can develop a plan to help you achieve your learning goals. Your plan should have details about what will be learned, how it will be learned, by when, what criteria will be used to evaluate the learning and how the learning will be validated. It is recommended that learners develop their plan with a mentor or facilitator.

  • Goals - What do I want to learn?
  • Strategies - How am I going to learn?
  • Resources - What resources will I use?
  • Evidence guide - What will I show to confirm I have learned it (e.g. case notes, references, supervisor feedback)?
  • Review date
  • Review comments
The module Planning for Learning at Work provides detailed information on identifying your learning needs, developing a learning plan and strategies that will assist you to learn.

Once you have identified your needs you can match them up with the units of competence and the resources available.


If part of your learning plan is to achieve particular units of competence you will need to clarify how you will be assessed and by whom. Your facilitator will provide you with information on assessment activities and requirements.


If you think that you already have skills and knowledge that are contained in a particular module, you may be eligible to apply for recognition of prior learning. You will need to discuss this with your facilitator who will inform you of the necessary requirements.