Module 1: planning for learning at work: learner's workbook

Topic 1: Introduction

Page last updated: 2004

1.1 Overview

This module is designed to assist you undertake the training program for frontline workers, Young People, Alcohol and Other Drugs. It will help you identify your preferred learning style, the resources available to support your learning and opportunities for workplace learning. It will also provide you with the tools required for developing a learning plan.

The module highlights the challenges of maintaining skills and knowledge in today's workplace and explores the important role that learning plays in managing and adapting to workplace change.

The module is divided into three sections:
  • lifelong learning;
  • workplace learning; and
  • developing a learning plan.
Part 1 explores the concept of self-directed learning and the learning process. An activity is included to help you identify your own personal learning style.

Part 2 contains a definition of work-based learning and explores a range of learning strategies and resources. Opportunities and constraints for workbased learning within your own organisation are considered.

Part 3 focuses on the individual learner – you. You will undertake a number of self-analysis activities to help identify your needs and priorities. You will then work through the stages of developing a Learning Plan.

This module also includes a number of exercises that will require you to actively research and analyse learning opportunities and options.

1.2 Learning outcomes

When you have completed this module you will be able to:
  • identify personal learning processes;
  • identify personal learning needs in relation to practice improvement;
  • identify learning resources; and
  • develop a learning plan.
It is suggested that you remind yourself of these learning outcomes as you work through the module. At different stages ask yourself whether you think you have achieved each of the learning outcomes. This will help you keep track of your progress to date, and what you still need to learn to successfully complete the module.