Module 1: planning for learning at work: learner's workbook

Topic 5: Summary and conclusion

Page last updated: 2004


Congratulations! In this module you have explored a number of new learning concepts. You have begun to analyse the opportunities and barriers to your ongoing learning at both a personal and organisational level. You have also developed a learning action plan. Remember, this is only the beginning of your learning!

At this point you should speak with your facilitator to assess together whether you can:
  • identify personal learning processes
  • identify personal learning needs in relation to practice improvement
  • identify learning resources
  • develop a learning plan.
If you have any concerns about meeting these learning outcomes you should speak with your facilitator.

Before you contact your facilitator, complete the Reflection Activity in this topic.

Remember that if you want to know more about action planning, a range of references are provided at the end of this module.

You could also contact your local health service that deals with drug and alcohol issues for further information.

5.2 Self-reflection activity

Task - writing and group exercise

Take some time to reflect on what you have gained from your learning. Please take some time to do this. You may wish to share your insights with other learners or colleagues.

Question - What aspect of this module do you feel is most relevant and useful in your work practice?

Question - What kinds of issues has this module raised for you in your work?

Question - Have you identified any further learning needs as a result of completing this module?

Question - If so, what are some ways you can achieve these learning needs?