Module 1: planning for learning at work: learner's workbook

Possible answers for writing exercise questions

Page last updated: 2004

Topic 2

2.1 Adapting to change - writing exercise

Question - What are some of the general qualities and skills that you think people need in today's rapidly growing workforce (e.g. an ability to use initiative and make decisions?)

Possible answers include:
  • an ability to adapt to change; flexibility and adaptability
  • an ability to communicate effectively with others
  • problem-solving skills
  • an ability to transfer skills from one area or situation to another
  • an ability to work as part of a team
  • an ability to learn new knowledge and skills
  • a commitment to quality.

2.2 Lifelong learning - writing exercise

Question - What are some of the strategies that you use to adapt to the shifting circumstances and demands in your workplace?

Possible answers include:
  • establishment of networks with other colleagues to share information
  • use of supervision/staff appraisal process to identify and address your professional development needs.

Topic 3

3.1 What is work-based learning? - task

Question - What are some of the benefits of work-based learning?

Possible answers include:
  • allows for flexibility
  • acknowledges the learner as active and responsible
  • can accommodate selective and strategic learning
  • learning is directly relevant to the work
  • can promote a culture of learning
  • can accommodate employees' learning styles and objectives
  • allows for practice and consolidation of skills
  • can promote the transfer of training (in formal courses)
  • learning relates to 'real life' projects.
Workplace learning provides the opportunity to work experientially, that is to experience, reflect, analyse, plan and test out new ideas (remember the cycle of learning?). Of course, it is important that we critically analyse the potential of workbased learning according to our own, individual situations.