Suggested time: 20 minutes

1.1 Overview

This module will help learners to make the best decisions possible for the young people with whom they work, which comply with the guidelines of their agency, and which sit comfortably with their own values systems wherever possible. Sometimes these interests will conflict with one another.

As learners work through this module they will be asked at various points to apply the learning to their work situation. If learners are experienced, they may find it helpful to discuss issues from their workplace (while maintaining confidentiality) and to generate some solutions with the help of other learners. If they are just starting out as a learner or as a worker, they may choose to answer more straightforward questions. Learners will be guided through this module step-by-step.

1.2 Learning outcomes

When learners have completed this module they will be able to:
  • Develop and maintain professional boundaries when working with young people on AOD issues
  • Maintain confidentiality when working with young people on AOD issues
  • Work in an ethical manner with young people on AOD issues
  • Ensure duty of care when working with young people on AOD issues
  • Develop comprehensive case notes
  • Outline appropriate supervision processes for work with clients
  • Specify self-care strategies used to support work with clients.
It is suggested that you remind learners of these learning outcomes as they work through the module. At different stages ask whether they think they have achieved each of the learning outcomes. This will help them keep track of their progress, and what they still need to learn to successfully complete the module.
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1.3 Assessment events

(A good point for student to contact facilitator.)

Provide all learners with information on any assessment activities they might be required to undertake. Ensure that contact is made with distance learners as soon as possible.

Discuss these with learners and provide time for questions, feedback and examples.

Reflect on assessment events throughout training sessions to enhance learners' understanding and conceptualisation of what is required. All assessments match Learning Outcomes competencies.

For suggested assessment events, see assessments.