Module 11: young people and drugs - issues for workers: facilitator's guide

2.2 Professional behaviour

Page last updated: 2004

The newspapers are often full of stories about people who have behaved in ways that are clearly unethical or unprofessional. These stories range from cases of sexual harassment to white-collar crimes such as embezzlement and fraud.

Professional and unprofessional behaviour

Task - writing exercise/group activity

Question - Can you suggest some behaviours that you would consider to be professional and some behaviours that you would consider to be unprofessional or inappropriate in your work with young people with AOD issues?


Some professional behaviours are:
  • Applying your agency's policy on managing people with AOD issues

  • Respecting the parameters of your role in relation to young people with AOD issues

  • Developing a clear understanding with young people about boundaries
Some unprofessional behaviours are:
  • Having a sexual relationship with a young person

  • Having a strong emotional attachment to a young person

  • Having a coercive relationship with a young person

  • Obtaining drugs from a young person

  • Supplying drugs to a young person

  • Sharing intimate details of your life with a young person

  • Asking a young person to help solve your problems.
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