Module 11: young people and drugs - issues for workers: facilitator's guide

Topic 8: Summary and conclusion

Page last updated: 2004

Suggested time: 1 hour

8.2 Summary of contents
8.3 Self-reflection activity


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At this point you should reflect with the learners on their learning experience and together assess whether the following learning outcomes have been met:
  • Develop and maintain professional boundaries when working with young people on AOD issues
  • Maintain confidentiality when working with young people on AOD issues
  • Work in an ethical manner with young people on AOD issues
  • Ensure duty of care when working with young people on AOD issues
  • Develop comprehensive case notes
  • Outline appropriate supervision processes for work with clients
  • Specify self-care strategies used to support work with clients.

8.2 Summary of contents

In this module we have identified that professional conduct involves a whole range of issues and responsibilities and that working with young people in an AOD setting has its own particular issues and problems in this regard.

Young people are vulnerable and as a worker, you have a powerful influence over their lives. This power must be exercised with care.

Workers are often placed in situations where they must weigh up the outcomes for clients and at all times you need to think through the consequences of your actions.

Keep in mind that your relationship with a young client is essentially one of trust and that young people should be treated with respect. We need to maintain professional boundaries while still maintaining an attitude of care.

As well as your moral obligation to work in the best interests of your clients, you are bound by 'duty of care' and by various legal constraints. You should endeavour to find out about the particular laws that apply to your state or territory. These can change rapidly.

Workers often find themselves in stressful situations and you should try to put in place adequate support systems so that you can continue to work effectively.Top of page

8.3 Self-reflection activity

Ask learners to take some time to reflect on what they have gained from this module and to complete the following questions. Allow time for feedback and discussion.

Task - writing exercise/group activity

Question - What aspect of this module do you feel is most relevant and useful in your work practice?

Question - What kinds of issues has this module raised for you in your work?

Question - Have you identified any further learning needs as a result of completing this module?

Question - If so, what are some ways you can achieve these learning needs?