The suggested assessment events for this module have been mapped to the unit of competence CHCYTH1A and correspond with the learning outcomes listed at the beginning of this module, Young People and Drugs – Issues for Workers. Over the course of this program learners could be required to complete one of the following assessments.

Event 1: workplace journal

Task - writing exercise

This assessment can be completed at work and at home. Consider the following questions and make notes while at work. The questions are designed to get you thinking about your workplace practice, how it may be improved and what you think are your strengths and weaknesses. You may also wish to include some examples of workplace practice, such as copies of case notes (ensure that all clients names are deleted). Copies of policies and procedures that are specific to confidentiality and duty of care and any other examples or notes that may support your answers.

For each question you should write around 300 words as a journal entry and include any supporting documents. Alternatively you may wish to present your answers to a small group.
  1. While you are at work how do you develop and maintain professional boundaries when working with young people on AOD issues?

  2. What types of issues do you need to discuss with young people with regard to confidentiality in your workplace?

  3. How does your agency ensure duty of care when working with young people on AOD issues? How do you ensure this duty of care is carried out?

  4. What type of case notes do you keep? How comprehensive are they?

  5. Do you participate in formal supervision? When does this occur and what are your expectations? What are your supervisor's expectations?
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Assessment criteria

The following key areas are to assist you and the learners in providing a guide for marking the assessment for this particular unit:
  • Demonstrates ability to critique and reflect on own work practices

  • Demonstrates ability to incorporate work place practices with theoretical knowledge underpinning relevant issues in the workplace that are linked with professional conduct

  • Ability to maintain clear, concise and neat information and provide workplace documents that support journal entries.