Module 12: working with intoxicated young people: learner's workbook

6.2 Individual factors that influence the experience of intoxication

Page last updated: 2004

Just as environmental factors can influence the drug-using and intoxication experience, individual differences can also affect how a young person experiences intoxication. It is important to see the whole picture to understand how intoxication will unfold. Keep in mind that all drug users are individuals, unique in the way they see, feel and think about their drug use and their experience of intoxication. For example, two people can consume exactly the same amount of alcohol but have markedly different experiences of intoxication.

Suppose that two people at an office party both have four standard glasses of wine in one and a half hours. The first person, a small woman, feels extremely intoxicated and reports that the alcohol has 'gone to her head'. The second person, a medium-sized male, reports that he does not feel overly intoxicated, just 'happy'.

Question - What individual factors might influence a young person's experience of intoxication?

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