Module 12: working with intoxicated young people: learner's workbook

7.1 Reviewing your organisation's approach to managing intoxicated people

Page last updated: 2004


Obtain a copy of your organisation's guidelines on dealing with intoxicated people and consider the questions on the following pages. If your organisation has yet to develop such guidelines, then obtain a copy of policy and procedures from a local organisation (e.g. local health service) and use them as the basis for developing a draft set of six key points relevant to your organisation and role.

Question - What existing systems are in place in your agency? Is everyone aware of these?

Question - How could you get appropriate assistance? (e.g. speed dial to police, contact numbers are displayed, emergency button, speed dial to ambulance)

Question - Have you established working relationships with other key agency workers? (e.g. mental health teams, police)

Question - Do you have an understanding of the reasons for aggressive behaviour and the different forms it may take?

Question - If a young person is demonstrating a tendency towards aggressive behaviour what contingency plans are in place?

Question - Do you have an up-to-date first aid certificate?

The guidelines and your role


Question - Select three or four aspects of the guidelines that you think are vital in the context of your particular role and comment briefly on them.

Question - Identify one or two issues that you believe require clarification in the guidelines (or inclusion if they are absent) in the context of your particular role and comment briefly on them.