Suggested time: 20 minutes

1.1 Overview

The module provides an overview of the transition from childhood to adulthood. It describes some key developmental stages a healthy young person would progress through in preparation for adulthood. It also examines some of the factors that make the process of adolescence more challenging for young people. Finally, it highlights some key 'helping skills' and strategies that will assist you in working with young people.

1.2 Learning outcomes

When learners have completed this module they will be able to:
  • Review adolescent development as a stage of lifespan development
  • Discuss the impact of families and peers on young people and their development
  • Discuss the impact of socio-cultural, economic and political factors on young people and their development
  • Relate social justice principles to working with young people
  • Apply a systems model to working with young people.
It is suggested that you remind learners of these learning outcomes as they work through the module and at different stages ask whether they think they have achieved each of the learning outcomes. This will help them keep track of their progress and what they still need to learn to successfully complete the module.

1.3 Assessment events

(A good point for student to contact facilitator.)
  • Provide all learners with information on any assessment activities they might be required to undertake. Ensure that contact is made with distance learners as soon as possible.
  • Discuss assessment requirements with learners and provide time for questions, feedback and examples.
  • Reflect on assessment events throughout training sessions to enhance learners' of what is required. All assessments should match Learning Outcomes competencies.
  • For suggested assessment events, see assessments.