Module 2: perspectives on working with young people: facilitator's guide

4.1 Factors that impact on youth development

Page last updated: 2004

We will now focus in more detail on the societal and community factors that impact on a young person's development.

  • Biological and physiological changes
  • Economic and political circumstances
  • Cultural, ethnic and community circumstances
  • Family as well as peer and school factors (Carson, et al. 2000) all affect young people's development.

Brainstorm activity

Question - What are some of the factors that may hinder or enhance a young person's development? Relate this exercise back to Topic 2 where you had to recollect your adolescence and think about how some of these factors influenced your development.

Answer - Some possible answers include:
    • Social expectations, values, moral, ideals and norms
    • Beliefs, religious, political
    • Peer group pressure, discrimination, bullying
    • Societal pressures to conform to the norm
    • Cultural and linguistic differences
    • Class differences, income, education and opportunities
    • Family support or lack of such support
    • Family problems or issues surrounding drug use
    • Family issues, domestic violence
    • Family influences in relation to culture and race being different to peers.