Module 5: young people, society and AOD: facilitator's guide

Topic 4: AOD use by young people

Page last updated: 2004

Suggested time: 20 minutes

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Perspectives on working with young people


This topic provides some comparisons of AOD use in young people and adults and provides statistical evidence on patterns and trends in relation to various types of drug use.

Key issues

4.1 Legal drug use by young people

4.2 Comparing AOD use patterns of young people and adults

4.3 Tobacco and alcohol use among young people

4.4 Marketing of alcohol and tobacco to young people

4.5 Drug-related deaths and harm among young people

4.6 Information sources on AOD use

4.7 Crime and AOD use

Web resources

Drug and Alcohol Office website (

Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office (MHDAO) on the NSW Ministry of Health website (