Module 5: young people, society and AOD: facilitator's guide

Topic 9: Summary and conclusion

Page last updated: 2004

Suggested time: 20 minutes


(A good time for student to contact facilitator.)

At this point you should reflect with the learners on their learning experience and together assess whether the following learning outcomes have been met:
  • Identify your own personal values and attitudes regarding AOD issues and their implications for working with young people on AOD issues
  • Describe current models used to understand drug-use behaviour
  • Describe patterns and prevalence of drug use by young people
  • Discuss a broad range of factors that can impact on AOD use by young people
  • Outline harm minimisation and other current policies and frameworks that underpin AOD work with young people.

9.2 Summary of contents

As you can see the AOD sector is a fluid and dynamic sector that is constantly being shaped by a variety of influences. Topic 8 should give the learners an idea of the breadth of issues important to the AOD sector.

This module has highlighted the important role of economic, political and social factors in determining AOD use, as well as our responses to it. Models for understanding AOD use have been presented and explored as well as patterns of use and legislative and policy responses to AOD issues. Our own personal responses to AOD issues have also been examined.

9.3 Self reflection activity

Ask learners to take some time to reflect on what they have gained from this module and complete the following questions. Allow time for feedback and discussion.

Task - writing exercise/group activity

Question - What aspect of this module do you feel is most relevant and useful in your work practice?

Question - What kinds of issues has this module raised for you in your work?

Question - Have you identified any further learning needs as a result of completing this module?

Question - If so, what are some ways you can achieve these learning needs?