Module 5: young people, society and AOD: learner's workbook

2.4 Personal values in the workplace

Page last updated: 2004

Not only can our values impact on the young people with whom we work, but they can also impact on our relationships with other workers.


Read the following scenario and answer the questions below.

You are working in a government-run youth health centre. Your supervisor has a strong belief in religion and has definite ideas about right and wrong, sin and guilt. She believes that abstinence from using AOD is the only way to be 'free' of AOD problems and that this should be the goal of all interventions with young people.

Question - Would you be able to have an effective relationship with this person?

Question - What values does this example bring up for you?

Question - How might your boss's attitude impact on young people?


  • We all have personal values and attitudes that can impact significantly on the way we work with young people

  • The nature of work with young AOD users can evoke emotional and personal responses

  • Reflecting upon our values and attitudes can assist us develop strategies to manage work with young people

  • Developing strategies for managing those responses is critical both for yourself as a worker and for the quality and effectiveness of your work with young people.