Module 5: young people, society and AOD: learner's workbook

7.2 State policies and initiatives

Page last updated: 2004

Policies and programs are developed at a national level and provide a nationwide approach to drug issues in Australia. However, each state government has its own programs and policies and these also reflect the political aims and aspirations of the government in power. For example, the NSW Government spent considerable time trialling the use of safe injecting rooms. Policies and programs relating to drug use vary widely from state to state.

Collecting information about your state

Task - workplace learning/writing exercise

Using some of the information sources you collected in building your community profile, locate and describe some of the policies and initiatives of your state government over the past 20 years? (A great deal of information is available on the web. You should try looking at the site for your state government.)

Question - Do these policies impact on your day-to-day work? In what ways?