Module 6: how drugs work: facilitator's guide

Topic 12: Summary and conclusion

Page last updated: 2004

Suggested time: 1 hour


(A good point for student to contact facilitator.)

At this point you should reflect with the learners on their learning experience and together assess whether the following learning outcomes have been met:
  • Classify common psycho-active drugs according to their effect on the central nervous system (CNS)

  • Outline the major short and long-term effects of psycho-active drugs

  • Discuss key issues in pharmacology such as tolerance, withdrawal, overdose, dependence and interaction

  • Describe the harmful effects on young people resulting from AOD use.

12.2 Summary of contents

In this module learners have explored how mindaltering drugs of different types act on young people. Some key issues in pharmacology have been covered that may help the way learners respond more appropriately to the needs of young people with alcohol and other drug problems.

12.3 Self-reflection activity

It is helpful for learners to take some time to reflect on what they have gained from this module. Ask learners to complete the following questions and allow time for feedback and discussion.

Task - writing exercise/group activity

Question - What aspect of this module do you feel is most relevant and useful in your work practice?

Question - What kinds of issues has this module raised for you in your work?

Question - Have you identified any further learning needs as a result of completing this module?

Question - If so, what are some ways you can achieve these learning needs?