Module 6: how drugs work: facilitator's guide


Page last updated: 2004


The suggested assessment events for this module have been mapped to the unit of competence CHCYTH1A and correspond with the learning outcomes listed at the beginning of this module, How Drugs Work. Over the course of this program learners could be required to complete one of the following assessments:

Event 1: Case study


Develop a case study from your workplace based on a young person who has had problems with drugs and/or alcohol. Write a brief case history outlining:
  • Drug/s used
  • Current amount/s used
  • Length of use
Make sure you exclude any information that could identify the client.

Use your case study to answer the following questions. It is expected that each answer will be approximately 100 words.
  1. Name the drugs used and the effects of these on the CNS.
  2. Do you think the person is dependent on any of the drug/s? Give your reasons.
  3. If the person was dependent and went into withdrawal what would s/he be likely to experience?
  4. What could be done to manage the withdrawal?
  5. Outline any short-term problems that the person could experience due to their drug use.
  6. Outline any long-term problems that the person could experience due to their drug use.
  7. Outline any problems due to poly-drug use.
  8. Is tolerance a factor in this person's drug use? Explain your answer.
If you do not have a client you can use the following case study to answer the above questions. You can also further develop the case study below to provide background details to assist you in answering the above questions.Top of page

Case study - Madelaine

Madelaine is a 16-year-old girl who uses $100 heroin per day. Her use has been increasing since she first started using six months ago. Madelaine is also an occasional user of benzodiazepines and alcohol. Sometimes she uses both these in combination with heroin, sometime alone.

Assessment criteria

The following key areas are to assist you and the learners in providing a guide for marking the assessment for this particular unit:
  • Demonstrates ability to provide relevant case study that incorporates the necessary characteristics of an individuals drug use, how much and length of drug use

  • Ability to demonstrate sound understanding of the pharmacology and problems associated with dependency, intoxication and/or regular drug use in young people

  • Demonstrates ability to answer each question in a clear, concise manner and provides additional research and/or information to support their report.