1.1 Overview

In this module you will explore the principles and develop techniques for working effectively with young people with alcohol and/or other drug problems. The emphasis of this module is on working with young people on an individual basis. Approaches that target peers, groups and communities are covered in the module Working with Families, Peers and Communities.

This module focuses on young people who are experiencing problems related to their AOD use. As you work through it you will have the opportunity to reflect on your own work with young people and apply your learning within your workplace.

1.2 Learning outcomes

When you have completed this module you will be able to:
  • Identify AOD interventions suitable for working with young people
  • Apply the 'Stages-of-Change' model and motivational interviewing to work with young people
  • Implement strategies for working with resistance and ambivalence with young people
  • Demonstrate skills in harm minimisation, and brief and early interventions with young people
  • Apply relapse prevention and management strategies.
It is suggested that you remind yourself of these learning outcomes as you work through the module. At different stages ask yourself whether you think you have achieved each of these outcomes. This will help you keep track of your progress, and what you still need to learn to successfully complete the module.

1.3 Assessment events

(A good point for student to contact facilitator.)

Your facilitator will provide you with information on any assessment activities you might be required to undertake. If you are not provided with assessment information when you commence this module, make sure you ask your facilitator if there are any assessment activities that are a requirement of completion.