Module 9: working with young people on AOD issues: learner's workbook

5.3 Looking forward/future directions

Page last updated: 2004

Helping a young person to imagine a different future is another approach to discussing change.

Some questions that you could use in this strategy are:

  • 'How do you think things might be different for you once you turn 18?'

  • 'If you were to become a parent, how might your drug use fit in with that role?'

  • 'What would be the best possible result that you could imagine, if you were to make a change?'

  • 'If we were to bump into each other on the street in six months time, what do you think you would you like to tell me about your life at that point?'

  • 'If you did make a change to your drug use, how would you like things to turn out?'


Question - In terms of the Stages-of-Change model, in which stage/s do you think the looking forward strategy might be appropriately used with a young person? Why?
Remember the goal is always to facilitate or lead movement to the next stage of change if the young person is ready.

Question - In terms of the ten-point change scale, at what point on the scale do you think this strategy might work best?