Review of methadone treatment in Australia

12 Funding mechanisms

Page last updated: October 1995

The Terms of Reference for this study required consideration of alternative funding systems for methadone services and proposed a number of factors to be considered in their evaluation.

In this section, four payment options are considered, and their relative advantages and disadvantages identified based on the criteria identified in the Terms of Reference. The focus of this section is the payment mechanism used for the medical service component of methadone treatment rather than the dispensing component. Discussion of payments for dispensing services, the clients' contribution and the role of Government in dispensing payments is presented in section 10 of this report.

Variants or combinations of the different options presented are also possible, and several of the more likely of these are also presented for consideration and discussion.

12.1 Option 1: maintain the current system

12.2 Option 2: specific CMBS items and common fee

12.3 Option 3: client management model

12.4 Option 4: grants to States

12.5 Discussion

12.6 Suggested funding approach

12.7 Recommendations