Review of methadone treatment in Australia

2 Terms of reference

Page last updated: October 1995

The Terms of Reference specified in the Consultancy Brief for this study were to:

  • recommend the preferred management, clinical and administrative practices to provide effective methadone maintenance treatment;

  • recommend adequate minimum standards of service for methadone treatment;

  • recommend mechanisms to meet accountability and service requirements to State and Commonwealth Governments (e.g. licensing, accreditation and monitoring requirements) including the development of performance indicators;

  • recommend the optimal administrative framework to support management and accountability requirements;

  • recommend a funding arrangement for methadone maintenance treatment which meets the following criteria:

    • provides an equitable means of payment
    • is nationally applicable within the public and private sectors
    • ensures an optimal balance of service between the public and private sectors
    • provides a baseline standard for administration of methadone programs
    • is flexible and adequately caters for:
      • differing levels of service e.g. counselling
      • choice of treatment approach
      • client mobility and
      • safety and medical issues.
    • provides adequate incentives to ensure private sector provision
    • incurs minimal cost to the client
    • allows for appropriate provision of service personnel
    • minimises the potential for abuse and fraud
    • improves efficiency of administration.

  • recommend appropriate roles for both the public and private sectors in methadone services.
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