Review of methadone treatment in Australia

6.6 Tasmania

Page last updated: October 1995

6.6.1 History

The Tasmanian state-wide Methadone Maintenance Program (TMMP) began on 1st December, 1992 as a pilot program which was to be reviewed at the end of one year. The review was conducted by Dr. R Ali, and the services continue. For the purposes of administration of the program, the State is divided into three regions, namely South, North, and Northwest.

6.6.2 Current situation

Participants in the program in the South and North regions can attend private general practitioners or the Alcohol and Drug Service (A&DS). Treatment dose is available from an A&DS pharmacy. However the majority of services are provided directly by the A&DS. Those in the NorthWest region can only use private general practitioners and the dose is given via community pharmacies.

Participants may be eligible for take-away doses provided they meet specific criteria.

There are no full-time medical officers in A&DS in NorthWest region, and the Program's capacity in that area is determined on the basis of the number of GPs and the community pharmacies participating in the Program.

6.6.3 Statistics

As at June 1994 there were 90 clients participating in methadone programs across Tasmania, compared to 81 in September of the previous year.

Numbers of trained general practitioners at the end of November 1993 equalled 39 although at June 1994, only 9 general practitioners chose to participate. Approximately 15 clients were provided services by private practitioners as at June 1994.

Pharmacies participating in the program were mainly located in the Southern region. The total number at December 1993 was 52.

At December, 1993, 31 clients received their dose from community pharmacies while 47 received their dose from Alcohol and Drug Service pharmacies. In the NorthWest region, all clients receive their dose from community pharmacies, but this is not the case in the other regions which supply from A&DS pharmacy as well as from community pharmacies.
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