In addition to all those who contributed to the publication of the previous edition of this review, who we thanked at the time:

The authors would like to acknowledge the following people, who took the trouble to locate and send us material: Alison Mynard, Amanda Moran, Andy Sinclair, Anne Mosey, Barry Newell, Bernadette Murphy, Blair McFarland, Brett Allchin, Brian McCoy, Charles Grant, Charlie Stewart, Christine Rutz, Cindy Van Rooy, Craig San Roque, Dave Willmette, Debra Mill, Gill Shaw, Jan Robertson, Johanna Monk, Julia McLauchlan, Kate Senior, Kath Broadbent, Kim Gates, Maggie Kavanagh, Peter Kay, Priscilla Pyett, Richard Chenhall, Richard Ives, Angela Rizk, Sheree Cairney, Tristan Ray, Vicki Gillick, Will MacGregor and John Wilson. Thank you also to Michelle Ricketts, Sara Ollerenshaw and unnamed reviewers at the Department of Health and Ageing for their support in the preparation of this study.

While writing this review, Sarah was based at the Youth Research Centre at the University of Melbourne. The YRC administered part of the grant and provided Sarah with office space and support.

We are grateful to Peggy Nampijinpa Brown, Johnny Japangardi Miller, Rex Japanangka Forrest, Susie Low and Ruth Bignall from Yuendumu and Mt Theo Outstation for arranging our visit to Mt Theo.

We also thank the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health for agreeing to waive any copyright claims arising from the first edition of the review, thereby facilitating sponsorship of this updated edition by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

A note on terminology: Throughout this review, the terms 'Indigenous Australians' and 'Aboriginal Australians' are used interchangeably. Strictly speaking, the former term has a broader connotation, in that it includes indigenous peoples of the Torres Strait Islands as well as those of the Australian mainland and Tasmania, whereas 'Aboriginal Australians' excludes Torres Strait Islanders.