Volatile substance misuse: a review of interventions: monograph series no. 65

10.9 Preconditions for effective law enforcement

Page last updated: 2008

Although almost all of the evidence relating to law enforcement and VSM is descriptive, it is possible to suggest a number of pre-conditions for effective policing of VSM, some of which are currently being addressed more than others. The pre-conditions are:

  1. legislation creating appropriate and adequate police powers, with associated guidelines and protocols;

  2. an adequate police presence in VSM-affected areas;

  3. trained and supported community-based agencies, including night patrols;

  4. places of safety other than police cells;

  5. adequate referral options;

  6. sentencing options; and

  7. clearly articulated linkages with health and welfare sectors, in which both of the latter also play appropriate roles.