Volatile substance misuse: a review of interventions: monograph series no. 65

8 Demand reduction III: Clinical management, counselling, residential and homeland programs

Page last updated: 2008

In the final section on demand reduction, we focus on interventions which, for the most part, are aimed at people who are already engaged in VSM. We review evidence covering clinical management of VSM, counselling and family interventions, residential treatment, and homeland (outstation) rehabilitation programs. In reality, these areas cannot be so neatly compartmentalised. Residential treatment, for example, will almost certainly involve both counselling and clinical management. We also raise the issue of care for people with acquired brain injury, and discuss evidence relating to the use of homeland centres (outstations) for addressing VSM in remote communities.

8.1 Clinical management of VSM

8.2 Counselling, family interventions and after-care

8.3 Residential treatment and rehabilitation

8.4 Care for people with acquired brain injury (ABI)

8.5 Homeland centres (outstations)

8.6 Summary