The eHealth Readiness of Australia's Allied Health Sector - Final Report

Applying the interventions in a strategy

Page last updated: 30 May 2011

It is not the purpose of this assessment to determine final strategies to drive the adoption of particular eHealth solutions. Instead, we seek to establish a foundation from which targeted strategies can be developed to improve outcomes through the adoption of eHealth solutions.

Accordingly, we set out a detailed example of how the findings of the eHealth readiness research may be applied in a comprehensive adoption strategy, with well-targeted interventions selected to meet practitioner and policy expectations and address the many barriers to adoption. The example strategy is to adopt telehealth solutions to improve patient outcomes in the management of chronic conditions. In overview, the described strategy would:

    1. Describe the objectives and set the aspiration
    2. Develop and prioritise use- and business cases
    3. Identify the critical allied health sectors and their role in the use-case
    4. Highlight participant clusters and their role in adoption
    5. Prioritise clusters and their intervention drivers
    6. Integrate intervention levers to develop a coordinated strategy
    7. Measure performance and refine the approach

This strategic approach can be further developed for most eHealth solutions, applying the findings of this research.